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Lightweight design & construction is THE main topic of many
production processes and a crucial contributing competition factor.
By using fiber composite solutions, you will make the most out of lightweight potentialities.

The scarcity of natural resources, increasing energy prices, sustainable economies: Lightweight design & construction is the critical success factor (CSF). The lightweight solutions of carbon-fiber reinforced-plastics (CFRP) will yield decisive advantages: Higher precision and quality, higher accuracy, and increased vibration and flexibility characteristics. Higher performance due to a reduction of weight and inertia of accelerated components.  Higher economic efficiency by reduction of material use and operating costs.

The advantages are also the challenges: The multitude of design and production possibilities increases the complexity of development. Outstanding expertise and experience are decisive factors for producing high quality product solutions in connection with component characteristics. These characteristics need to match up with material and production process specifications. However, the perfect solution should not only fit with the product, but also do justice to the strategic success of your company by increasing your competitive capabilities and achieving your business targets.

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