Enablers of your tasks:
A strong, efficient team

xC Consultants is a competent, efficient team and network: Experts from the world of science, industry, technology, commerce, marketing and networking. We are the enablers of your tasks. Extraordinary solutions will result from our expert input.  You can use the xC Consultant team, and our network, not only as enablers for your product solutions, but also as door-openers, networking middlemen, advisors and the interface to relevant industries, markets and people. > go to xC services

The powerful and effective enabler for your tasks.




The core of xC Consultants are:
Heidrun Keim, Executive Manager
Dr. Elisabeth Ladstätter, Senior Consultant
plus an international network of experts that can be called upon to contribute their knowledge and experience to the achievement of your tasks.


xC Consultants Kernteam